Remember the Ceptr Thrivable Future Salon we held some time ago?

Ceptr evolved into Holochain, an alternative to Blockchain. On top of Holochain, they have created an incentivized hosting community Holo that uses an alternative crypto-accounting design.

Jean Russell has joined that team and is responsible for the Holo ICO…

Please join us for the first public CrowdSmart webinar next Tuesday, November 21st 11amPacific Time 2pm Eastern. [Link to Google Calendar Zoom link: more dial-in info below.]

Webinar Agenda

  • Share and discuss CrowdSmart survey results.
  • Raffle off the $500 co-investment among the survey participants.
  • DirecTech Labs a brief introduction to…

Mark Finnern

Founder Playful Enterprise, SAP Mentors, Thrivable Future Salon. TEDx speaker.

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